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About Convo Australia

Convo Australia was established in April 2021 as part of the Convo Global family, with the goal of bringing a new choice for Deaf and hard of hearing Australians to get access to Auslan interpreting services anytime, anywhere.

A pregnant woman holding a phone, engaged in a video chat, while her right hand affectionately touches her belly.

As a Deaf-owned company, our understanding of human connection is different from most. In a rapidly-advancing world, technology is often developed on the basis of spoken language. We offer a different perspective: sign-centric communication solutions that just feel right.

Convo Australia acknowledges and respects the members of the deaf community in Australia, who preserve their rich heritage, culture and our sign language, Auslan. We also acknowledge our custodians of Auslan, promoting awareness, equality and access through our sign language. Through Auslan, we inspire future leaders in our deaf community to continue our legacy and heritage.

Land Acknowledgement by Joanna Aguis, OAM

Convo Australia acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and as the Traditional Custodians of the Country and their connections to land, sea and community where we live, learn and work. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Deaf-owned, Deaf-led

Kyle, a Caucasian man with a shaved head, medium-length ginger and grey beard, wearing a black polo shirt. He is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Kyle Miers

Co-founder of Convo Australia
and SVP Global Business Development

Kyle has been a strong advocate for the Australian Deaf Community, raising the profile of Auslan, its culture and language at all levels, and was the first-ever presenter at the National Press Club to give an entire presentation in Auslan. Kyle is a founding member of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO), and is currently responsible for the Secretariat of WFD - Oceania.

Todd, a Caucasian man with white-grey hair, white-grey beard, and a curly moustache, wearing a black polo shirt. He is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Todd Wright

Co-founder of Convo Australia
and Chief Executive Officer

Following an extensive career as a senior manager in the IT industry, Todd is now achieving his dream of providing greater accessibility to Auslan interpreting services to the Deaf community. With Convo Australia, Todd is continuing his life-long contribution to the Australian Deaf community and their language and culture, carrying on from his past leadership roles in Deaf Australia and the Deaf Society, in which he represented Australia at an international level.

Danielle, a Caucasian woman with long dark blonde hair, wearing black framed glasses and a black top. She is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Danielle Vicary

Director of Interpreting Services

With a career as an Auslan/ English interpreter spanning two decades, Danielle is an industry leader in the provision of video interpreting services with experience in both Australia and the UK. She was the Coordinator for Australia’s first Video Relay Service, enabling Deaf people to make telephone calls in their primary language.

Danielle is driven to see greater collaboration and partnership between the deaf community and Interpreters.

Tina, an Asian woman with long bob black hair, wearing a white top with black dots. She is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Tina Huang 


Tina is a CPA qualified accountant who has worked across numerous industries over the past 12 years. She is very process driven ad strives to improve the efficiency of financial data processing and reporting.

Olwyne, a Caucasian man with dark brown hair and a short cropped dark brown beard and he is wearing a black polo shirt. He is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Olwyne Ho

Accounting Specialist

Olwyne is an experienced professional with a strong background in finance and accounting. With over 7 years of experience in different finance/accounting roles within not-for-profit Deaf service provider organisations in Australia, Olwyne has gained valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by the Deaf community. As a deaf individual himself, he understands the obstacles that deaf people encounter in their daily lives. Passionate about making a difference, Olwyne is excited to join Convo Australia and contribute towards enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Sarah Maree, a Caucasian woman with long bob blonde hair, wearing a black top. She is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Sarah Maree Gillespie

Content Producer

Sarah Maree is a passionate graphic designer with experience in delivering industrial and commercial projects over the last 15 years in Australia and in international levels, with particular focus in digital motion, website development, and graphic and digital design. She is embracing and learning from new challenges, and is looking forward to working with Convo Australia at the international level.

Customer Support Team

Joshua, a Caucasian man with dark brown hair and a short cropped dark brown beard, wearing black framed glasses and a black polo shirt. He is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Joshua Levitzke-Gray

Customer Service Officer

Joshua is the Customer Service Officer for Convo Australia and is responsible with the customer’s journey. Joshua comes from deaf family and have been involved in the deaf community and working with deaf children before moving onto new challenge which he believe is the new future of accessibility for deaf people.

Tiahna, a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair, wearing a black shirt. She is standing in front of a light grey wall.

Tiahna Hurst

Customer Service Officer

As a deaf person, Tiahna is passionate about supporting others in the deaf community. Before joining Convo Australia, she was an Auslan teacher and mentor and worked with Deaf children as an Auslan Language Model. Tiahana delights in seeing deaf people thriving and living their best life.

SaengJae, an Asian man with short black hair and facial hair, wearing a black polo shirt. He is standing in front of a light grey wall.

SaengJae Jin

Customer Service Officer

SaengJae has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and is also certified in IT and computer maintenance. He previously worked in Customer Services for an online gaming service company, where he collected customer data and delivered it to the developers.

He also worked at the Korean Deaf organisation, where he organised events, provided legal advice for discrimination cases, marketed to improve the life skills of the Korean Deaf community, introduced them to new technologies, and made efforts for Deaf rights by establishing the Korean Sign Language law and being a Korean delegate of the UN CRPD.

Currently, he is thrilled to join Convo Australia and interact with our customers.

Joanne is a Caucasian woman with short, light brown hair and red glasses. She is wearing a grey shirt and standing in front of a light grey wall.

Joanne Holt

Customer Service Officer

Joanne has worked for various organisations and possesses a strong background in administration. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Criminology/Criminal Justice degree, a field of study she finds highly intriguing.

Being a deaf individual herself, Joanne comprehends the daily challenges faced by Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. She is eager for Convo Australia to make a positive impact in their lives and is also excited about the opportunity to meet all of our customers.

Proudly member of

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