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You'll discover a wealth of technical support and valuable information regarding the usage of our apps and services. Whether you need assistance or want to explore additional features, this page is your go-to resource for all things Convo Australia.

Getting started

Tips - Can I use my NDIS for Convo Australia?
Tips: Can I use Convo Australia for work?

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How to use our app?

Tips: How can I change my password?
Tips: How do I use Convo Australia for face to face thumbnail
Tips: Can I receive a call through the app?
Tips: I am using Convo Australia on my mobile, does it use up my call minutes or data?
Tips: How can I make a phone call?
Tips: Is there an option for voice carry over in the Convo Australia app?
Tips: How to prepare for a connection with a video interpreter?
Tips: How can I give feedback?

Useful information

Tips: Using Convo Australia app for job interview
Tips: What to do with your Convo Australia number?
Tips: Waiting in the queue
Tips: Why is the video not connected to my app?
Tips: why do we need your email address?
Tips: How to leave a voice mail?
Tips: How do I sign up for Convo Australia?
Tips: How can I get help?
Tips: Can I change my monthly plan?
Tips: What type of bill do I get from Convo Australia?
Tips: How many calls can I make in one connection?
Tips: What to do if you want to use Convo Australia after being pulled over by the police?

Tutorial Session

Still need support? We are offering a tutorial session with our Customer Support Officer to show you how you can use the Convo Australia app. 


If you require additional technical support, please reach out to "Customer Support" > "Technical Support" within the Convo AU app or send an email to

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