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What type of bill do I get from Convo Australia?

Each month you will receive an invoice or bill from Convo Australia for your plan through your nominated email address which you used to register your plan with us.

For Convo Australia plans using NDIS funding, your invoice will also be sent to your Plan Manager if you gave their email address to us.  You will also get a copy of the invoice so you can see your monthly usage.  You will see a plan pre-payment for the current month, which is split into “Interpreting and Translating (03_090_0121_1_1)” and “Low cost AT - communication or cognitive support (03_222100911_0124_1_1)” NDIS line items.  The second line item covers the cost of your app and your phone number.

You may also see another section which lists excess minutes that you used in the previous month, which is also split into the same two NDIS line items.  If you want a detailed bill for the last month, please contact us at, and we will be able to send you a detailed bill listing all of your connections during the last month.

For Convo Australia plans using EAF funding, your invoice will look a bit different because Job Access who manages EAF funding have different rules.  Your EAF invoice will be sent at the end of each month when you use our services, and will include a list of your connections, along with the duration and interpreter name for each connection.  This invoice will be sent to your company contact person to be paid for, and you will also get a copy of the invoice.  Your company can then use this invoice to get reimbursed by Job Access using your EAF funds.

It is important to make sure our invoices are paid on time to make sure you can continue using Convo Australia services.  You can contact us if you have any questions about your invoices - just contact us through Customer Support in the Convo Australia app or email us on

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