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Connect with Deaf customers

Convo Australia allows you to differentiate your organisation and achieve greater diversity and inclusion practices that open up pathways to innovation and new opportunities.

By expanding your customer service to include interpreting services for Deaf and hard of hearing customers, you can grow your customer base and your business.





On-demand Interpreters
at your fingertips

Convo Australia is the only company in Australia to offer on-demand Video Interpreting Services (VIS) in one communication platform. Our on-demand service is available 24/7, seven days a week and can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.  Our highly-skilled and experienced Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreters allow businesses to directly connect with Deaf and hard of hearing customers by interpreting between spoken communication and Auslan.


For Deaf, By Deaf:
The Convo Australia Difference

Technology is often developed based on the spoken word. We’re here to change that. As the only Deaf-owned interpreting service provider, we understand the unique communication style of the Deaf Community, and why current communication solutions are inadequate, frustrating, and limit our ability to authentically be who we are.

Our understanding of human connection is different from most, so we bring a new solution

Sign-centric communication services that feel natural, making it easy for Deaf individuals to communicate in their own language and fully express themselves to anyone they connect with.

Elevate your business with Convo Australia

icon_arrow copyIncrease your business profile

Promote your business in our exclusive in-app Accessible Business Directory - a network of Deaf-friendly businesses and services available for the Deaf Community.

icon_relationshipImprove customer relationships

Businesses who use our service build stronger, more loyal customer relationships through faster, more accurate, and personal communication with their Deaf customers.

icon_diversityAchieve Diversity and Accessible Goals

Increase access and inclusion by creating a truly accessible business experience that provides an equitable opportunity to all who use your products and services.

icon_perfectConvo Australia is perfect for:

- Business Meetings and Customer Service
- Legal and Medical Appointments
- Conferences and Presentations
- Education and School Events
- Life and family events or funeral services

Benefits of using
Convo Australia Services


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Video Interpreting

Ready to make your business more accessible?




Leverage your employees

Do you have deaf and hard of hearing employees in your business?  With individual Convo Australia plans that can be funded by the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF), your deaf and hard of hearing employees will gain flexible access to Auslan interpreters for their workplace needs – to call their customers and colleagues, attend or chair work meetings and other responsibilities. They can bring their true selves to work, take personal ownership and improve their productivity.  

Check out our Workplace page for more information, and contact us to find out how we can help your business and employees.