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How to prepare for a connection with a Video Interpreter?

Convo Australia services can be used for many different things, not just phone calls. Our services have been used in doctor offices, in shops, ordering from the drive thru, chatting with a friend over dinner and many different situations.

How do our Video Interpreters cope with so many different things that could come up when they get a connection? Unfortunately, our Video Interpreters are not mind readers!

But there is something you can do to help - give some background information about your connection. When you connect with one of our Video Interpreters, it will be helpful if you give a brief summary of what your connection is about - who you are talking to either on the phone or in person, what you are going to talk about, any important signs, names or words you will use and anything else. All these details will be kept confidential.

You can also tell the Video Interpreter if you want to disclose that you are talking through a sign language interpreter or not.

Taking some time to prepare the Video Interpreter for your connection will help make it a smooth, positive experience for both you and the Video Interpreter!

Because we understand you.