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What to do if you want to use Convo Australia after being pulled over by the police?

When you are pulled over by the police, be careful not to touch your phone as it may break road rules if you touch your phone while the car is still running.

Turn off the engine, and let the police officer know you are Deaf and ask if you can use your phone.  Once they acknowledge this, you can open the Convo Australia app and go to the Dial Pad, press 1 and call to connect with one of our Video interpreters.  You can let the Video Interpreter know that you have been pulled over by the police and need to speak with them now.

Check the volume setting on your phone and make sure your microphone is on, and check to see if the police officer can hear the Video Interpreter, and vice versa.  You can then talk with the police through our Video Interpreter.

Once done, hang up and put your phone away before starting your engine.  Stay safe, and drive well!

Because we understand you.