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How do I sign up for Convo Australia?

All you have to do is go to our website, and click on the Sign Up button on the upper right corner, or go to

You will see an online form which you will need to fill in with your details. The first part will ask you for your personal information - your name, pronouns (eg. he/his, she/her, they/their), email address, residential address, date of birth, and mobile number. We need this information for billing purposes and to prove your identity.

The second part is where you choose which plan you want to use with Convo Australia. You can use your NDIS funding to pay for your plan with us, and or use your EAF funding (which will be useful for your work).

If you do not have NDIS or EAF funding, you can sign up for an account that will only use our Accessible Business and Deaf Ecosystem directory. If you want to call other phone numbers or talk to someone face to face, you will need to choose either a NDIS or EAF plan.

Next, you need to confirm you allow us to process your information to give you access to our services - we will keep all personal information strictly confidential. Click on Submit, and you’re done!

We will receive your application and will send you our Service Agreement to sign - you will get an email from “SnapSign” and you can sign the form on your computer or phone. Once you have done that, we will then process your application and send you your username and your Convo Australia phone number (only for NDIS and EAF plans), and you will get a separate email from to set your password.

You can then download our app through our website, at and log in straight away!

If you need any help with filling in the sign up form, please contact us and we will help you. Just go to and video call us, book a Zoom meeting with us or just email and we will help you in Auslan with any question you may have about signing up. The video call and Zoom options are also available at the top of our sign up page.

Because we understand you.