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Terms and Conditions

(for our EAF Plans, or funded by your employer)
Updated April 2022

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This agreement confirms Convo Australia’s commitment to provide you with access to Auslan Interpreting services through Convo Australia’s digital communication platforms, including but not limited to their app.  This access is funded by your employer, and may be reimbursed through the Employment Assistance Fund managed by JobAccess.


The agreed number of minutes allocated per month on activation by default will be 120 minutes, or a different amount nominated by you, and is recorded on the Convo Australia database.


The service is agreed to for 12 months and will be renewed annually; or


With a written request to terminate your plan (at least 10 business days before the end of the current billing month), your plan shall cease at the end of the billing month.


An invoice of a minimum charge of 120 minutes, or a different amount agreed in advance, will be activated once a connection is made anytime during the current month.  This minutes allocation will be available to be used until the end of the calendar month, with no minimum for each connection made.


Convo Australia will inform you about your usage during the month as you approach full allocation of your subscription. If you exceed the minutes allocated to your monthly plan, Convo Australia will not cut your service; but will provide you with service at the excess rate. The excess minutes will be invoiced to you at the excess rate which you understand and agree is $3.25 per minute.


The remaining minutes balance of the current month will not be carried forward into the next monthly cycle.


If there is no connection anytime during the current calendar month, there will be no invoice issued for that month.


If an international call is made, Convo Australia will send me a separate invoice for your international calls (see international call rates on The cost of international calls will be the sole responsibility of your employer and/or yourself.


Convo Australia may cancel or suspend the agreement if there is no payment received by the due date, and may seek legal remedy to collect outstanding amounts.


You agree and take responsibility to notify Convo Australia of any change to your billing details within 5 business days prior to the next invoice being issued.


Prices provided in the Service Level Agreement are subject to change with notice.


Prices provided are not inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).


You understand that Convo Australia is fully committed to high standards of interpreting services and will be responsive to your needs and adheres to the Privacy Act (Cth, 1988).

Because we understand you.