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Waiting in the queue

If you are planning to make a phone call or need an interpreter for your conversation through Convo Australia, you can do this by either dialling the number, to make a call or just pressing 1 for in-person interaction. You'll receive a notification asking for you to wait for the next available interpreter and it will also let you know where you are in the queue, whether you are next in the queue, or if there are people ahead of you. Remember the service can sometimes become busy, and there might be a couple of people in the queue ahead of you. It's important that you wait your turn, don't hang up and try again, because you will lose your place in the queue. If there are people behind you in the queue, they will move up and you will go to the back of the queue, extending your wait time. It's best to wait until the next available interpreter gets to you.

Remember, waiting to reach the interpreter does not use your call minutes, your call minutes start once you see the interpreter and end once you hang up. I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Because we understand you.