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Why is the video not connected to my app?

Want to know how to make sure the connection between the Convo Australia app and your device is as smooth as possible? Here’s a few pointers!

  1. If your device is connected to the internet via mobile data, make sure you have enough data allowance in your phone plan. It is also worth checking your phone’s signal bars, which indicate the strength of your device’s connection to the internet. In some remote or underground areas, this signal will be weaker, indicated by less bars.  Some suggestions I can give you to ensure the best possible connection include:
    - Checking that your device has either 5G or 4G, which are ideal for a strong connection.
    - Also, checking that your signal bars display three or four bars for a good connection. If it drops to two bars, you may experience video connection problems. Ensuring that your device has a strong connection means that your call will proceed smoothly.

  2.  When you are connected to the internet via WiFi you will notice that some connections are fine, while others have trouble connecting. Often this is because of a security precaution on the network such as a firewall blocking access to the Convo Australia app.
    In order to resolve this issue, you will need to contact the person responsible for the company’s internet security and request the connection be made open to the Convo Australia app.
    Information about removing firewall restrictions can be found on our website; under the “Information Resources” tab. There, you can find the “Firewall” information sheet for the relevant staff to read on providing unrestricted access. Once the restriction is lifted, you can connect to the WiFi and make calls with a smoother connection.

  3. How to check your internet speed. On your device, open the Convo Australia app and click the “Customer Support” button. At the bottom of the page, you can tap the “Check your internet speed” button, Which opens a pop-up window with a button you can tap to start calculating your internet speed. So how do you understand the data once the calculations are finished? I’ll explain now!
    First; “Download” and Upload” – these need a minimum of 5mb/ps. Meaning 5 or more will ensure a smooth connection, while anything under will result in connection problems. Also look at “Jitter” and Ping”, making sure both are under 30. Anything under 30 will ensure a good connection, but any more than this will cause connection issues.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing connection problems, you can contact us; schedule a Zoom meeting to have a chat, by clicking “Live chat” to contact us directly, or via the app by selecting “Live video chat” under the “Customer Support” section. Or, if you’d like to leave a short video message, you can do so via the “Your Feedback” option."

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