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How can I give feedback?

Did you know you can give us feedback any time, in Auslan? It’s easy, just open the Convo Australia app, go to Customer Support, and you will find the Your Feedback button.

When you tap on that button, you will see an introductory video, and then a countdown timer. When the timer finishes, you will see yourself on camera - that is the start of your video recording. Give your feedback about anything - our app, our service or about our Video Interpreters - good or bad, we want all of your feedback!

Even a simple thank you to an interpreter who did a great job will be appreciated!

You have up to 2 minutes to give your feedback in a video - if you run out of time, just tap the button again and continue your message. It is a good idea to give your contact details as well if you want us to contact you back about your feedback.

When done, just press hang up, and we will get your feedback in a video sent to us. We will reply back to you about your feedback.

Your feedback makes a big difference, as it will help us understand what we are doing well with and should continue doing, and what other things we are not doing well and will need to improve more.

Because we understand you.