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Using Convo Australia app for job interviews

Hello! You’ve got a job interview coming up? Couldn't book an interpreter at the last minute or your interpreter cancelled? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can use Convo Australia for job interviews, here's a few tips to make it a success:
1. When you arrive at the company. Please check your reception, data and minutes plan.
2. If you have poor reception or run out of data, make sure you ask the company for their wifi.
3. Open your app, go to ‘Customer Services’ and then click ‘check your internet speed’.

10 minutes before the interview, please make a connection with one of our Convo Australia interpreters. You need to explain the content for example: I’ve got a job interview today in 5 minutes for a ‘name of the position’ position. Make sure you give the interpreter some background information related to the job you are applying for.

BE MINDFUL: Some reception issues could be poor reception in remote areas or the basement. Some companies' wifi is slow or has a firewall to block Convo Australia app.

Remember to take a breath, slow down and be yourself. We wish you all the best with your interview. See our ‘face-to-face interaction' video on our ‘How to’ page on our website.

Because we understand you.