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Frequently Asked Questions

 Please contact us if you need other information that is not listed below. 

What is VIS? Is it the same as VRI or VRS?

Video Interpreting Services (VIS) is where you get access to an Auslan interpreter through video call or video conference. Even though your interpreter is “remote” (not in the same place as you are right now) you can use your interpreter as normal - to interpret what someone is saying to you in the same room as you are in, or to interpret someone on a phone call. This service is similar to Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services however is delivered through our specialised platform and app. More information about VIS can be found here.

Video Relay Service (VRS) is a service funded by the Australian Government for deaf and hard of hearing people to make phone calls only through a relay officer who is also an Auslan interpreter. VRS cannot be used for anything else except for phone calls, and cannot be used to interpret what other people say in the same room as you are, or for medical appointments, work meetings and other things outside phone calls. VRS is delivered by a different organisation, not Convo Australia.



Who are Convo Australia Interpreters?

Our interpreters are National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) Certified or Certified Provisional practitioners, professionally trained with a minimum of 5 years of experience, and some are trained in certain speciality areas as well (eg. Health, Legal). Our interpreters are based all over Australia and are trained to deliver Auslan interpreting services over video.



How long does it take to connect?

On average it should take less than one minute to connect, however this may be longer during busy times. We monitor usage over time and increase the number of interpreters available to make sure that average wait times are less than one minute for most of the time.

Please note that we are growing and some users may experience longer than usual wait times during busy periods.



I am having trouble connecting to Convo Australia. What should I do?

While you are in the Convo Australia app or web app, you can tap or click on the support chat icon to contact us and we will help resolve your connection issues.

Alternatively please contact us at



What should I do when I connect to Convo Australia?

If you want to make a phone call – simply enter the number you wish to call in the Convo Australia app on your device and press connect.

If you want to talk with someone in person – simply press connect in the Convo Australia app on your device, and make sure your speaker volume is turned up. You may want to make sure the person you are talking to and your interpreter can hear each other well before proceeding with your conversation.

Some audio devices can also help improve your experience with using Convo Australia for your video remote interpreting needs – contact us at and we can provide you with more details about some suitable devices to use at home or in the workplace.

If you wish, you can also provide your interpreter some background information about your call, meeting or conversation before it begins so that your interpreter is better prepared.



How much does Convo Australia cost?

Convo Australia offers a range of monthly plans based on the number of interpreting hours you expect to use each month at different costs.

Please contact us at and we will provide you with further details about our monthly plans.



Can our organisation have extra logins?

You will need to create a separate account for each of your login requirements. Make sure each account has a different username and email address.



How do I contact Convo Australia Customer Service?

While you are in the Convo Australia app or web app, you can tap or click on the support chat icon to contact our customer service team. Our Customer Service hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday (not including public holidays).

Alternatively please contact us at



How can I see how many minutes I have used?

You will see how many minutes you have used for the month on your app. If you have used all your plan minutes, we will continue providing service to you and the extra minutes will be included in your next invoice.



What happens if I don’t use up all my minutes in a month?

Your monthly plan and allocated minutes will be renewed at the start of each calendar month. If you find that you do not use up all your allocated minutes each month, you may want to change to a different plan that may suit your needs better.

Please contact to discuss your options.



I have run out of minutes in my plan, what can I do?

You can continue to use Convo Australia services on a per minute basis above your monthly allocation, as agreed in your Service Agreement and in the Terms and Conditions. You will be invoiced for the extra minutes you have used in your next invoice.



Can I change my monthly package?

Yes you can change your monthly plan by contacting and paying the pro rata rate for the current month. Your new plan will take effect from the following calendar month onwards.

We will also monitor your typical usage and will contact you if we think a different monthly plan may better suit your needs.


The interpreter cannot be seen and or heard through the app or web app. What should I do?

Please check your internet connection and make sure you are connected properly – test with other video calling platforms (eg. Skype, Facetime) and make sure there are no issues with your connection and or internet speed.

It would be worthwhile checking your firewall settings to make sure our website and or app isn’t blocked, especially if trying to connect to us in your workplace – please contact your network support team to check.

If you are using our app, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that improves your connection.

Please contact us at if the steps listed above do not fix your issue.



How do I call back Convo Australia users?

Simply dial the number provided by the user. You will be connected with a Convo Australia Auslan interpreter who will be connected with the user you have called. You can then proceed with speaking directly with the user you called - your conversation will be interpreted into Auslan and the user’s responses will be interpreted into spoken English.



Can I use Convo Australia if I do not have NDIS or EAF?

Yes, you can use the Convo Australia app to access the Accessible Business Directory to contact businesses through our Video Interpreters free of charge - these connections are funded by the business.  You can also use the Convo Australia app to connect directly to Deaf businesses free of charge through our Deaf Ecosystem directory.

Please note you will need to register first for a Convo Australia account to use our app and to access the Accessible Business Directory and Deaf Ecosystem directory.



How can I make a payment to Convo Australia?

Check your invoice from Convo Australia which will list payment options.

If your NDIS is plan-managed, you can forward your invoice to your NDIS Plan Manager who will process the payment on your behalf.



How often do I receive an invoice?

You will receive an invoice each month which will include a summary of your usage. Your invoices will be sent to you or to your nominated email address on your account.




How to...

You can find technical help and other useful information about using Convo Australia apps and services.


Tutorial Session

Still need support? We are offering a tutorial session with our Customer Support Officer to show you how you can use the Convo Australia app. 


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